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Email Marketing A To Z ($67 Value)

You finally realize that you need a good opt-in list. After reading countless articles and sought expert advice and have read many success stories of people creating a small fortune with opt-in lists you finally decide to have one of your own. Then it happens, you think you have known everything there is to know about opt-in lists and have followed their advice to the T and you still weren’t able to make a profit.


Internet Idol The Internet Marketing Domination Series ($49 Value)

If you’re wanting to dominate the internet marketing scene, then you’re needing to become an internet idol. Within this 5-part audio training series, you’re going to learn how this is done, first by starting with the correct mindset. Presenting your hypnotherapy series for success, enlightenment, and mental well being. There is no danger in hypnotherapy but it is able to help you build many aspects of your life. Hypnotherapy can also help you become more mentally aware and has been shown to have healing aspects.


Affiliate Marketing A To Z ($49 Value))

Being in the affiliate marketing business is not that hard now with the internet at your disposable. It is much easier now compared to the days when people have to make use of the telephones and other mediums of information just to get the latest updates on the way their program is coming along. Within this package you will find the following modules: Ebook eCovers Source DOC Source PSDs Squeeze Pages


Social Media Massacre ($66 Value)

What is Social Media Massacre? It’s is the no-nonsense, simple, step by step program that is going to show YOU how to conquer Twitter and other social networks in MINUTES! Discover the free social marketing strategy that is going to destroy your competition and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website! According to the statistics, 93 of internet marketers and business owners failed because they are not knowledgeable and an expert in driving traffic into there website offers or to their blog. Like many of you struggled to make a fortune on the internet, this social media strategy will give the secret method of generating traffic into this video series.


Promo Video Secrets ($29 Value)

If your promotional videos are not created in high quality, you can kiss your product conversions goodbye. You see…promo videos are similar to your sales letter, but a lot shorter. The advantage is you can often press emotional hot buttons quicker and appeal to audio/visual people. In this video, you will learn the different types of promotional videos that are used. Yes, there are many different types, and some are good for branding, while others are good for selling. You will also learn what software may be good for you to use, to create basic promotional videos. Within this package you will find the following modules: Video Training Sales Letter Promo Email Covers

Your Total Savings $260

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